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Course of Study Requirements for F-1 Student Visa Applicants with ESL-Plus (1920 hours)

In order to pursue a full-time ESL-Plus course of study eligible for F-1 student visa application, students must:

Ø    attend twenty hours per week

Ø    maintain satisfactory academic progress

Ø    have English language skills acquisition as their primary educational objective

Ø    consult with a Faculty Student-Services Associate to select an appropriate sequence of

courses from among those ESL-only and ESL-plus courses listed in the following “Course Description” section.

Student Visa Applications  (Form / I-20)

The Institute is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant foreign students. 

A foreign student may register by mail, email, online or through a relative or friend in

the United States. 

Please provide the following:

·         a copy of the passport page (or national identity document)

which shows student's full name, birth date, country of birth and citizenship

·         address in the United States

·         permanent address abroad

·         duration of initial session course of study desired

·         information showing the student's means of support for an academic term.

·         payment of the required tuition deposit.
(This amount is deducted from the total tuition for the course selected.)

·         certificate or transcript from the last school attended.  Transcripts and certificates are not returned.

The Institute will complete the Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility) and send it to the student

for presentation to the proper consular officials.  Upon providing this information, the student will receive a

copy of the Enrollment Agreement for his/her signature. 

A copy of the Enrollment Agreement is retained by the Institute.