Student Club Newsletter

The Institute publishes the Student Club Newsletter monthly with information about American holidays, NYC neighborhoods to explore, and free events such as:   

*      broadcasting yourself

*      free digital animated Portrait in Times Square;

*      exploring the Institute’s “other”

*      neighborhood—Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen;

*      skating at free or inexpensive

*      outdoor ice rinks;

*      attending free First Friday or First

*      Saturday museum special entertainment evenings;   

*      attending free Jazz Museum of Harlem 

*      concerts;

*      viewing free fashion exhibits at the

*      Fashion Institute of Technology; and

*      visiting free Earth Day and EarthFair

*      events at nearby historic Grand Central Station. 

Student Club Bike Tours

The Student Bike Club meets Saturdays in good weather.  Students use Institute bikes or their own.  The Bike Club has cycled around Manhattan and biked over the Brooklyn Bridge, to Brighton Beach, and to many other places.  Our students have biked and hiked the parks, taken free kayak lessons on the Hudson, etc.  Join us!

Why NYC Is Called The Big Apple!

In the 1920s, a NYC reporter overheard New Orleans stablehands call NYC racetracks “the Big Apple.”  He named his newspaper column “Around the Big Apple.”  Jazz musicians, especially in Harlem, adopted the term to refer to NYC, the “jazz capital of the world.”






















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Student Life

Spanish-American Institute

Serving International Students since 1955







Student Life:  An Important Part of Your Spanish-American Institute Education

 The Institute welcomes students from all over the world to our English-as-a Second (ESL) language and other courses.

“Student life” at includes classes and student activities in and out of the school.  Our goal is to help students improve their English, stay healthy, explore NYC, and experience American culture.

At The “Crossroads of the World”

Spanish-American Institute is in Times Square, the center of mid-town Manhattan. From Times Square, “the crossroads of the world,” you can easily walk to: 

*       Empire State Building; è

*       Carnegie Hall, Rockefeller

*       Center, & Lincoln Center;

*       International Institute of

*       Photography; New Dance Group Arts Center, or the Fashion Institute of Technology;                    

*       Macy’s and other big department stores;

*       United Nations;ê

*       Broadway theatres;

*       Grand Central Station;

*       Hudson and East  Rivers, Central Park, etc.

*       Metropolitan Opera House  è



Inside the Spanish-American Institute

. . . students enjoy:

*       Student Lounges with newspapers and magazines and comfortable furniture for reading, studying, socializing, studying, performing, etc.

*       A School Bookstore selling textbooks, light snacks, and hot and cold beverages.

*       Bulletin Boards listing mostly free New York City events and activities.

*       The Institute Library (more below).

*       Wireless internet connection throughout the school.

*       Special Exhibits by Institute students and  alumni. 

The Library

. . . has over 1000 items.  Students may borrow circulating Library books or use reference books in the Library.  The Library has wireless connections for student laptops and handheld devices.

The Automated Catalog.  Students may consult the Spanish-American Institute’s automated Library Catalog from any networked computer in the school.

Electronic Periodical Databases.  Students may access automated indexes through the Library website.  EBSCOHost’s MasterFILE Select database contains hundreds of thousands of full text articles from more than 700 general reference publications.  You can save, print, download, e-mail, and/or otherwise copy the full-text articles.   Go to the school website:  Click on Library, then EBSCOHost. 

Student Bulletin Boards and Websites

Find out about free and inexpensive NYC activities on Institute Bulletin Boards and school websites, such as: 

*       Free jazz and classical concerts at  world-famous music schools and concert halls. 

*       Free or pay-as-you wish admissions to museums like the Met,  MOMA, and more.

*       Free flu shots and other immunizations at NYC Department of Health centers. 

*       Free outdoor pools and beaches and inexpensive indoor Parks Dept. pools.

*       Inexpensive membership at NYC Parks Department Recreation Centers with fitness/weight rooms, indoor courts, swimming pools, etc.—“the alternative to a high-cost gym.”

Go West!  Explore Our Other Neighborhood

The Spanish-American Institute is between two distinct areas.  Turn left exiting the school and you are in the busy impersonal business and tourist area of Times Square and Midtown Manhattan.  Turn right, walk one block, cross 8th Ave., and you are in Hell’s Kitchen, known as Clinton. Walk the blocks from 8th and 10th Ave. and 40th to 59th St. to explore a real neighborhood with small shops, restaurants, bakeries, schools, galleries, parks, and homes where people live (and tourists seldom go).