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F-1 Student Visa Change of Address Form


Students with F-1 Visas are required to notify SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) of permanent address changes.

  1. The Institute can only update addresses of students with active SEVIS records at Spanish-American Institute.

  2. Others students, including former students, may update their addresses through their new school or online using the AR-11 Form.

Spanish-American Institute will report changes of address for F-1 student visa holders

to the government database (SEVIS) as required by regulation.


Below is my new permanent address.  Please update my school record and SEVIS information.


First Name

       (exactly as on I-20)

Last Name

       (exactly as on I-20)

Middle Name

       (exactly as on I-20)

Date of Birth:            Select Month of Birth                   Select Date of Birth     Enter Year   
New address as of what date: Select Month New Address      Select Date of New Address     Enter Year   
Street Address
Zip Code  
Telephone (area code + number)
Cell Phone (area code + number)  


(this number is found on your SEVIS Form I-20 or DS-2019
in the top right hand corner, above the bar code. The 
"number" begins with the letter "N"


Be sure to use the SEVIS ID# on your most recently issued Spanish-American Institute I-20 Form.

Email address

The Institute must be able to communicate with you. Therefore please provide a primary e-mail address which you will use while at Spanish-American Institute.