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Outside Speakers Series (a series of student-faculty conversations with distinguished community professionals)

Property Shark - Community-spirited Real Estate - helping us find a new school location - Thank you!

Elisa Carreno - Fine Artist, Photographer & Videomaker - 2012 "English through the Arts" Exhibition

 Jonhchul Lee, June 2009 Photograph Exhibit

Javier Infantes '08 Paintings   

Berik Kulmamirov '05 "Visual Symbolic Art" & "New York Art Deco"

Malgorzata Kus '08 "Song & Dance from Tokyo to Brooklyn"

Yukari Niikura '07 "Special Event Center Exhibition"

Dmitriy Yakubchik '03

Gabriel (Tito) Avila, Jr. (Faculty '85-'91) "Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame"


Yusuf Nahun "Yosy Turco" '08?

A 1999 NY Times Graduate Story