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Enrollment Application Information Form

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I. Personal Information:




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II. Upload - Submit Supporting Documents:
Please upload those supporting documents now in your possession.

  • a copy of the passport page (or national identity document) which shows
          student's full name, birth date, country of birth and citizenship
          (2 meg maximum size)

         information showing the student's means of support for an academic term
      (2 meg maximum size).

         certificate or transcript from the last school attended.  Transcripts and

           certificates are not returned (2 meg maximum size).


III.  Select Initial Session Duration


Please consider me for enrollment in Full-Time ESL-Plus for the Session length selected below:


IV.  Select How You Want Us To Delivery Your Enrollment Forms

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V.  Payment And Non-Refundable Fee Information

Course Information Effective:

Spring 2022 - Spring 2023 - Spring 2024

Session Duration

Total Tuition

Payment Plan

  3 months

US$  960

$560 due at enrollment

balance $400 first day of class


$50 per week after class start

  6 months

US$ 1440

$560 due at enrollment

balance $880 first day of class


$50 per week after class start

  9 months

US$ 2160

$560 due at enrollment

balance $50 per week after class start

 12 months

US$ 2880

$560 due at enrollment

balance $52 per week after class start



















Air Mail (no additional charge) Express (Add $ 75 in USA)  ($175 Add for International)

Non-Refundable Fee

There is a Non-Refundable Registration Fee per course

(the lesser of 10% of course tuition or $100 per course). It is:

  • US$  96  for 3 months  (2 times 10% of $480 per course)

  • US$192 for  6 months  (4 times 10% of $480 per course)

  • US$288 for  9 months  (6 times 10% of $480 per course)

  • US$384 for 12 months (8 times 10% of $480 per course)

The registration will be effective after fulfilling all entrance requirements

including payment of tuition deposit.

for answers to other questions email:

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